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I knew it was a bad omen when Haagen Dazs changed (ie. cheapened) their packaging many months ago. I've noticed lots of corporations doing this to their products. It's usually a simplification of their packaging colors to reduce cost. I didn't really care for the new (cheaper) design scheme as it looked obviously less high-end, especially on this most expensive ice cream on the market.

I picked up two pints of my families favorite Haagen Dazs a few days ago on these hot summer days. Chocolate Peanut Butter and Butter Pecan.

As soon as I opened the Chocolate Peanut Butter I could tell something was amiss. The chocolate ice cream itself was much lighter in color than what I recall, looking like it had much less cocoa in it. Then I tasted it...I instantly felt sick, like I had been punched in the stomach knowing that the last TRUE ice cream on the market was ruined.

It's been obviously cheapened up. The most obvious ingredient difference (as per the label) is the addition of sugar to the Peanut Butter Swirl. Almost sickeningly sweet. It previously had NO sugar added to it, containing just peanuts, peanut oil and salt. The original peanut swirl was excellent, large thick chunks with a strong peanut butter flavor that contrasted perfectly with the velvety rich, creamy chocolate ice cream. It is now listed as: peanuts, cane sugar, peanut oil and salt. The swirl is also different, much smaller and mixed throughout. Combined with the newfound ADDED sugar, it tastes overly sweet and very cheap, similar to Ben and Jerry's "Ice Cream" or any other 'premium' supermarket variety.

Next up is the "ice cream" itself. Put it this way, I used to rave about Haagen Dazs as being the only real ice cream on the market, as it had a truely creamy texture that could not be duplicated by using anything less than high percentage of cream as a base ingredient. Ben and Jerry's and every store brand uses all sorts of gums and mono- and diglycerides in an attempt to give their "ice cream" the same texture as a more premium, high cream content REAL ice cream. Well, apparently in an attempt to cut costs, Haagen Dazs has definitely lowered the cream content of their "ice cream." So much so that it tastes milky and icy, not the creamy velvet smoothness that it was previously known for. Both the Chocolate Peanut Butter and Butter Pecan I tried had the same milky/icy taste and texture similar to Bryers Natural ice cream.

After enjoying Haggen Dazs for well over two decades, I lament to say I will never be buying Haagen Dazs again, as it now tastes no better than Ben and Jerry's or 'premium' store brand ice cream.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $11.

Preferred solution: Change the recipe back to the previous high quality you're know for..

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You need to be very careful when purchasing "ice cream" nowadays. Alot of it is "frozen dessert" or similar wording and is not real ice cream.

You need to look and read the packaging. One rather good ice cream we have found is from Kroger---their Private Selection brand. Very good, but with only a half dozen or so flavors, but we find it excellent.

It goes on sale often and we bought a couple of them this week for $3.99 apiece with a dollar Kroger coupon apiece in addition. When you buy Hagen Dazs you are buying a name only.

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