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Update by user Feb 15, 2013

haagen Dazs is what was originally typed in the company title, however I checked my review, and has mysteriously been changed to ?aagen ?azs under company name. 'Interesting' (in a Spock speculating voice)

Original review posted by user Feb 14, 2013

it has soybean oil in it now, effing disgusting, if i wanted soy in my ice cream i would pour soy sauce on top of it. BTW trying to save money by using fillers is just an excuse to being greedy company money hoarders, is already super expensive to buy, and now is super cheap *** ingredients to try and mask as an indulgent experience, we are all being ripped off.

making my own ice-cream at home, minus the soy ***.

In conclusion, I would be happy becoming a dedicated customer to Haagen Dazs should they remove the Soy bean oil from their ice-cream, but for now, I haven't eaten any since August 2012 when I would buy one once a week. On a plus side, I did lose some weight as a bonus cutting it out of my diet.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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I love soy sauce on my ice cream

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